Monthly Archives: April 2018

Project Focus: wellwise by Shoppers Drug Mart, Six Points Plaza, Toronto

Royalty worked with wellwise by Shoppers Drug Mart to renovate a store located at Six Points Plaza in Etobicoke, Ontario (see the first wellwise project here). Wellwise is considered a modern retail experience for people choosing how they take charge of the way they age. This project was not without its challenges. There were many issues with…
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Project Focus: Shoppers Drug Mart, Rymal Road East, Hamilton

If you live near Rymal Road East in Hamilton, Ontario, you may have noticed a shiny new Shoppers Drug Mart. Royalty was pleased to work on this new build project that has everything you can expect to see at Shoppers: a sleek beautyBOUTIQUE, beautyRx Skin Care, pharmacy, self checkouts, food store and more. This store is…
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