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Who We are

Welcome to Royalty General Construction.

Since 1986, the core values of Royalty have been kept in check. Our committed team listens to your needs and then provides construction solutions to suit. In that order, every time. That means working with you, and not against you. Your business operations come first. We integrate construction into your world, not the other way around. We aim to cooperate, and we always care.

Our Purpose

We provide exceptional construction services through a positive client experience. Our C.A.R.E.S. values drive us to support our clients, our people, our subcontractors, and our community.

Our Mission

To improve the construction experience and the reputation of contractors every single day. Leading by example to effect positive change in our industry.

Our Values


Royalty CARES. Our purpose, our mission and our values can only be executed through this one deliverable. This includes care for our clients, our people, our subcontractors, our vendors, and ourselves.


We embrace the challenge of construction and approach it with confidence. We believe in making sound decisions, even in the face of fear or obstacles, and we refuse to let fear hinder our exploration of new opportunities, development of skills, and commitment to doing what is right. We recognize the value in admitting when we’re wrong and displaying vulnerability, as it leads to improvement and facilitates effective problem-solving.


We are committed to providing real information and real solutions. We believe in open, honest feedback and building trust through integrity and ethics. Our no-nonsense approach has made us the go-to choice for high-profile projects, and we are honored by the trust our clients place in us. We stand for authenticity and delivering on our promises, building trust.

Relationship First

“Building Partners for Life” is not just a mission statement, but a core value that we uphold in every aspect of our business. We believe in constructing partnerships based on cooperation, collaboration, and mutual respect. Our reputation is of utmost importance to us, and we understand that our success is tied to the trust and confidence of our clients.


We believe in building a team of winners driven by a hunger for achievement. Our work ethic, organization, and methodical problem-solving make us a resourceful bunch. We hold our team to a high standard and strive to be the favorite contractor of both our clients and subcontractors. From our sales and estimation team to our production team, we aim to create lasting relationships by delivering successful projects the ‘Royalty Way.’

Sense of Ownership

We recognize that every project is invaluable to our clients. We embrace the responsibility of treating each project as if it were our own precious gem. Our team embodies independence, creativity, accountability, and initiative, ensuring that clear expectations are established early for all stakeholders. Recognizing the diverse nature of our clients’ businesses, we tailor our approach to suit each unique operation, whether it’s a retail store, an active office environment, or a high-security airport.


Royalty began as a two-man operation in 1986. Ron Crosby & Greg Flagler, then recent grads of Ryerson’s architecture program, were working for a contractor when faced with the need to branch out and start their own operation. The early years were eye opening, challenging. They started with a crew of three, which grew to many more over the years. Some of the original members are still employees at Royalty today, which is a testament to the integrity of the operation.

Royalty earned the trust of Shoppers Drug Mart and still provides construction services to the retail leader, now owned by Loblaw. Similar long-term relationships were added to the portfolio through consistent offerings of loyalty, commitment, and positive communication. Over the next few generations, the team grew in numbers, and more challenging and diverse relationships emerged. The retail & commercial services were expanded to include work at airports and other facilities with complex layers of operations. This became a focus and today Royalty can boast a broadened array of clients across a diverse portfolio of repeat and loyal clients throughout Ontario and Canada.

Today, through progressive leadership, Royalty offers professional ICI construction services to varying levels of offerings including expertise at:

Construction demands today require the flexibility to adapt to technology advances, growing communications expectations, human resource advances, and a geographical service offering that grows with the construction industry in Canada. In what might be both the most exciting and difficult time to be a contractor, Royalty is thriving and growing to accommodate the changing demands.

Let us demonstrate the Royalty Experience to you and your team.